American Alfalfa Hay

PRODUCTS American Alfalfa Hay

American Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay, Medicago Sativa,

also known as Lucerne hay or Lucerne grass,

is one of the most important forage crops cultivated

in agriculture. Alfalfa Hay is used primarily for dairy cattle

which provides an ideal combination of crude proteins,

fats, sugars, fibers, as well as essential minerals.

Packaging:Small Bale Half Cut

Site:17W X 21L X 12H


Packaging:Samll Bale

Site:17W X 21L X 24H


Packaging:Big Bale

Site:42W X 48L X 32H


Grade Crude Protein RFV Color Leaf Retention
Premium 22 185 Good Good
Good 20-22 170-185 Good Good
Standard 18-20 150-170 Good Fair
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